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Hunter Lopez

Magefesa® Star Fast Pressure Cooker, 12.7 Quart

Magefesa® Star Fast Pressure Cooker, 12.7 Quart

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The NEW Magefesa Spanish Star Pressure Cooker (8 psi) allows reducing cooking time up to 70% compared to conventional cooking methods. This 12-quart size is perfect for 10-12 meals. Long lasting durability thanks to its stainless-steel design and suitable for any type of stove: gas . electric . induction and ceramic. Essential for a healthy lifestyle as it preserver vitamins and minerals usually lost in conventional cooking methods. Its unlocked position to remove for cleaning and dishwasher safe make the Star Pressure Cooker the winner for effortless clean up. Resistant to rust . warping . cracking . tarnishing and stains. Stock No. 01OPSTACO12.

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